Sunday, December 30, 2012

Double Eyelid

Country of origin: Canada
Year of creation: 2009
City/ Location: Toronto, Canada
Official site:
Members: Ian Revell, Karl Mohr, Benjamin Mueller-Heaslip
Side projects: Dead Red Velvet (Karl Mohr;

Official Biography: 
Formed in the spring of 2009 for an experimental staging of Hamlet, Toronto’s Double Eyelid makes art-damaged music that fits somewhere on the musical spectrum between glam and goth. Driven by singer Ian Revell, the band also includes Karl Mohr on guitar (known for his “Dead Red Velvet” project) and keyboardist Benjamin Mueller-Heaslip (of the Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra). While the band has found a home in Toronto's goth scene, the closest parallel is perhaps to early Roxy Music, with its tension between street level expression and high art. Other main influences include Bauhaus, Sex Gang Children, David Bowie, Edith Piaf and Christian Death. 2012 saw the release of Double Eyelid's first video, for their single "Dead is Better," which was featured on MuchMusic, Canada's answer to MTV. The band is currently working on its first album.

Official Discography  
Dead is Better, single and b-side (digital release only), 2012
Full album release planned for summer 2013

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