Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christ vs. Warhol

Country of origin: USA
Year of creation: 2009
City/ Location: Los Angeles, CA
Official site:
Steven James
Marzia Rangel
Geoff Bruce
Official contact mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

Official Biography: 

All is not well in Los Angeles: beyond the perfectly manicured lawns and pre-fab buildings, between the corporate media hype and pharmaceutical ads, behind the plastic surgery and spray-on tans, a sense of unrest grows, festering just beneath the surface, threatening to tip the delicate balance of artifice and apathy off it's axis and send the entire facade crashing into a well-deserved oblivion. ...It is this climate that birthed Christ vs. Warhol -- art school sedition with guitars instead of guns.  Fronted by agitprop siren eveghost (ex-Scarlet’s Remains and Purnama), Christ vs. Warhol is colored by the frenetic, swirling guitars of Steven James  (ex-Scarlet's Remains/currently of The Deadfly Ensemble and Faith & The Muse), driven by the eclectic, angular basslines of Marzia Rangel (ex-Scarlet's Remains/currently of The Deadfly Ensemble and Faith & The Muse), and held in place by the thundering drums of Geoff Bruce (ex-Sunshine Blind/currently of Faith & The Muse and Anima Mundi).

Dissent, the band's 2010 debut album, blends post-punk sensibilities with anarchic fervor, with lyrics ranging from the fiercely political to the delicately personal, all delivered with Christ vs. Warhol's trademark hooks and vicious energy. Recorded and mixed by the seminal William Faith (Faith & The Muse) at his Zone 0 studio in Los Angeles, Dissent is destined to bring Christ vs. Warhol's distinct, dynamic style and unique sonic aesthetic to the frontlines in a world that needs a wake-up call...

Official Discography 

  • Christ vs. Warhol EP - 2009
  • Dissent - 2010

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