Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Spiritual Bat

Country of origin: Italy
Year of creation: 1992 as Spiritual BatS (plural), 2004 changed name to the singular
City/ Location: Frosinone, Italy
Official site:
Members: Dario Passamonti, Rosetta Garri'
Related Bands: Spiritual BatS

Official Biography: 
The Spiritual Bat is Dario Passamonti (Music and Arrangements) and Rosetta Garrì (Lyrics and Arrangements, particularly drums).  Initially meant to release all instrumental music, when a recording session for acoustic drums was set up, Rosetta, who had previously been the drummer,  on a spur of the moment wrote and recorded the lyrics and vocals for Through The Shadows. The Spiritual Bat is an evolution from "The Spiritual Bats" project which was conceived in 1992 by Dario Passamonti and first  singer Matteo Bracaglia.  The vinyl EP Spiritual Bats was released in 1993. The project always featured artwork by the Alchemisti Painters (Biennial of Venice, 1986 Art and Alchemy section), as well as their installations and projections during live performances.  In November 1994 the Spiritual Bats had the pleasure and the honour of opening for Rozz Williams (Christian Death) and his Daucus Karota, at the Black Out (Rome).  Confession was recorded in May 1995, immediately after a show at the Velvet. Shamanic drummer Rosetta, was present at that event,  and joined the group shortly after.  Sacrament was released in 1999, after the live show at CB’s Gallery (Alchemy), New York, August 1998, with the projection of the Funeral Cries Video. In addition to the Alchemisti Art, Sacrament proudly features the Graphics Art by Eric Hammer, (Requiem In White, Mors Syphilitica), today also known as Doc Hammer (Venture Brothers). In 1999 the track Crucifixion was included The Unquiet Grave Volume 1 by CLEOPATRA. In 2004 the founders of the project decided to part.  Dario continues to bring his visions to life through sound with Rosetta.  Thanks to the encouragement of fans and a promise to a friend who passed away in 2008, they decided to share that intimate dimension: The Bat WAS ready to come out live. Two U.S. tours have taken place since then: the Through The Shadows Tour in 2009, and The Lowlands Tour in 2010 (with Sullen Serenade). In 2011 The Spiritual Bat signs with the historic label DANCE MACABRE. 

Official Discography:
1993 vinyl ep Spiritual Bats (Spiritual Bats)
1995 Confession cd (Spiritual Bats)
1999 Sacrament cd ep (Spiritual Bats)
2008 Through The Shadows (The Spiritual Bat)
2011 Cruel Machine (The Spiritual Bat)

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