Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Mist of Avalon

Country of origin: Sweden
Year of creation: 1994
City/ Location: Uppsala
Official site:

Aram Yildiz – vocals
Malin Yildiz – keyboards
Magnus Ewald – bass
Tony Lind – Drums
Staffan Winroth - Guitars
Official contact mail: [email protected][email protected]

Official Biography:
Founded as a classic goth rock band back in the 90s, The Mist Of Avalon have built up quite a reputation during the last 15 years performing together with a. o. Tiamat, Funhouse, NFD and 69 Eyes. Now, after a recording hiatus of 10 years, the Swedish band present with "Dinya" their much-anticipated third album. Regarding their musical development, the band has successfully cast off any genre bonds. 

Official Discography:
The Mist of Avalon – released 1998
Sleepless EP – released 1999
Here And After – released 2000
Dinya – released 2010

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