Saturday, November 24, 2012

Silent Scream - Public Execution (2012)

Silent Scream
Public Execution
Stupido Records
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Silent Scream is a band that has its own weight, a heavyweight band in the third wave. Their second strike "Public Execution" will be released in September, i have already had a copy and can tell you this album is a blast. The sound is brilliant, brutal, organic, a punch on your face. The songs are killer cuts, old school like the old "rotten days" back in the early 80´s. The atmosphere is so oxidated, incandescent and fucking hypnotic and they go directly to the spine. Transgressor from the beginning to the end. The bitter side of the band is this second nail. If you want a real "old school" record, you can´t miss "Public Execution", definitely one the records of the year. You´ll be surprised with Silent Scream new sound. This is pure adrenaline.

Oskar Terramortis

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