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Popoï Sdioh

Country of origin: France
Year of creation: 1989
City/ Location: Lille  / North of France
Official site:

Lagartija Nick: vocals, guitar
Jeff sholle: bass
Vokobahn: keyboards, violin
Federico Iovino: vocals, drums, programmings, keyboards, samplings
Side projects: Rääww (Lagartija Nick solo project) , The Nomads Land, Land of Passion
Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography: 
Popoï sdioh takes its origins in 1989.. At this time, the band’s name was The Nomads Land (Lagartija Nick on gtr+ Stefan Zimny on bass+ Fred Andre on vocals+ Drum machine) . Federico Iovino came in the band as a drummer in 1990. After several changes of line-up (Fred André & Zimny left the band, Mister H came toplay kbds, Pat on gtr), the band became LAND OF PASSION, touring all over Europe in the 90’s with such bands as Clan of Xymox, Faith and the Muse, Lucie Cries, Into the Abyss, Project Pitchfork, Angina Pectoris, Die Form...etc (1 cd album “the arrival” + 5 demotapes). Line-up  : Lagartija Nick/Jeff Sholley/Pat/Mister H / Federico Iovino

In 1999 : Pat & Mister H leave the band. The band decides to change its name into POPOI SDIOH. Then Vokobahn joins the band on keyboards. First CD album comes out in 2003 and the band plays several concerts in France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia... (support act for Christian death 1334, Charles de Goal, Genetiks, Miguel & the Living dead , Drop Dead Festival Berlin 2011... ). In may 2012 comes out the 2nd album of POPOI SDIOH “Before & after party” on french label Brouillard Définitif. "The 90's gave birth to Land of Passion, an hallucinating goth rock band. An adventure that lasted ten years, ten years of movements and mutations. 2003 revealed the continuation of Land of Passion under the Popoï Sdioh moniker, with a first album revealing their raging potential.

Ten years later, the world is not going better at all, neither is Popoï Sdioh's state of mind; or could it mean that their state of mind is pervasive?. So it was about time for a new album, opening the door of a strange, brutal, earsplitting universe including tribal rhythms and strong post-punk accents. An hybrid music drowning you into some sort of industrial batcave made of tortuous corridors shaping a maze. 

If we would have to indulge with some namedropping, Killing Joke, Virgin Prunes, or even Nox, could be mentioned. But of course this is only just optional. The music of Popoï Sdioh is a full experience that we are proud to share, inviting you to discover, « before and after party »... "
- Brouillard Définitif press release [apr.2012]

Official Discography:
2012 : POPOI SDIOH “before & after party” CD album
2011 : POPOI SDIOH “afterparty sessions” demo Cdr
2003 : POPOI SDIOH “popoï sdioh” cd album
1998 : Land of passion : "Mud" (promotion tape)
1996 : LAND OF PASSION : "The Arrival" cd album
1993 : Land of passion : "Stigmata sessions" (demotape)
1993 : Land of passion : "The prayer" (demotape)
1992 : Land of passion : "Darksound" (demotape)
1992 : Land of passion : "Even death may die” (demotape)
1991 : Land of passion : "Malicious Kharma" (demotape)

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