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Country of origin: USA
Year of creation: 1989
City/ Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Official site:
Members: Evan Nave (vocals and keys), Susan (guitar), Timothy (keys), War (bass guitar) and Scott (drums).
Related Bands: PKS (Evan and War), Mercury Project (Timothy), UV (Timothy), Disown (Scott)
Side projects: Mercury Project
Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography:
Cleveland based Goth/Industrial band Lestat recently reformed after a nine and a half year hiatus, and will be releasing a CD featuring all-new material in the coming year. Original members Evan Nave (formerly Razz), Susan and Timothy return, along with the addition of War, recently a member of PKS and Scott, former drummer for Disown. Last seen in early 2000, Lestat parted ways for a various number of personal reasons. Since then, Evan Nave has performed with Cleveland metal band PKS, while Timothy performed most notably with UV and the Mercury Project. Lestat has released three full length works, including “Theatre of the Vampires” (1990), “Grave Desires” (1991) and lastly “Vision of Sorrows” (1994), which was distributed through Metropolis Records. The song “?” from that release was also featured on the Cleopatra Records “Goth Box” compilation.

Official Discography:
Theatre of the Vampires - 1990
Grave Desires - 1991
Vision of Sorrows - 1994
Arisen - 2012

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