Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dystopian Society

Country of origin: Italy
Year of creation: 2010
City/ Location: Florence
Official site:
Members: Max Skam (vocals/bass guitar/arrangements/programming)  Sara Hexe (guitar/arrangements/lyrics)
Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography:

Dystopian Society were born at the end of 2010 from an idea of Max Skam and Sara Hexe as an old school goth-punk project. After the release of the first demo/EP in April 2011, they started to gig all over Italy gaining quite a lot of success because of their energetic live shows. In June 2012 they released their first album "Cages", distributed in Europe by german Afmusic. In July 2012 the original drummer, Mariglen, decided to leave the project but since then Dystopian Society are still alive and kicking and a new line up will be announced shortly.  In less than 2 years they shared the stage with historical bands like Charles de Goal, Inca Babies, The Mob and UK Decay. Their music is a mix of goth, death rock and punk with strong anarcho-punk and hardcore influences.

Official Discography
April 2011: "Dystopian Society" demo/ep (car - limited copies)
June 2012: "Cages" cd album ( Macabre) - "Cages" LP (Mass Media Records) will be out shortly.

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