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Cauda Pavonis

Country of origin: UK
Year of creation: 1998
City/ Location: Bristol
Official site:
Su Wainwright (n-e Farr) - Lead Vocals, Words, Music, Programming; 1998 - present
Dave Wainwright - Drums, Backing Vocals, Words, Music; 1998 - present
Chris Hines - Guitars; 2003 - present
Rob Quick - Bass; 2008 - present
Tom Cole - Bass; 2005 - 2006
Jessica Phoenix - Bass; 2004 - 2005
Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography:
One of the UK/Gothic scene's longest running independent gothic/alternative bands.

Forged in the heartlands of the UK at the end of the 20th century, Cauda Pavonis are an impressive tour de force of 18th century style and 21st century technology all wrapped up in anthemic and driving music. A unique mix of influences brought together to form a band that has endured for 14 years and is still going.

Infamous for their Darkwave Buccaneer imagery in the early years of their career which grew into a harder edged alternative look; which they change on occasion to suit not only their mood but their releases. The band have played both headline and support appearances at UK and German festivals, including Gothic Pogo Party, WGT, WGW, Spider's Web Festival to name a few. They have gigged extensively as both headline and support across the UK. Their support slots have been with the likes of Toyah, The Eden House, Simon Hinkler, Gene Loves Jezebel, NFD, Inkubus Sukkubus, Killing Miranda and Midnight Configuration.

The band have self released 4 albums and 2 EP's a single, a pair of download only anthology releases of their earlier work remastered.  They have appeared on over 25 compilations since their inception and have made two UK TV appearances.  They are currently writing a new album for release in 2012.

Official Discography
CD releases
Initiation (CD:EP) 1999
Pistols at Dawn (CD:LP) 2000
Controversial Alchemy (CD:LP) 2001
Sigil (CD:LP) 2003
Carnival Noir (CD:EP) 2005
Wars & Masquerades (CD:LP) 2008
Peace Through Superior Firepower (CD:LP) 2012

Digital downloads
Sigil (LP) 2006
Carnival Noir (EP) 2006
Wars & Masquerades (LP) 2008
Retrology Volume 1:Early Years [remastered] (LP) 2010
Retrology Volume 2:Tyburn Jigs and Demo Reels (EP) 2010
Forgotten Heroes (Single) 2011

DVD Releases
Carnival Noir (DVD:EP) 2005

TV Appearances
Magick Eve:Goths UK ITV1. (2004)
True Horror:Vampires (with Anthony Head); Discovery Channel. (2004)

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