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Bal Onirique

Country of origin: Portugal
Year of creation: 2005
City/ Location: Porto
Official site:
P.A - vocals
Francisco – bass
David - guitar
Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography:

... music before all things or the allegory of the depths of time... immersed entirely in a complete escape from the world...

The origins of Bal Onirique started somewhere on a night in 2005 where P.A (vocals), David Reis (guitar) and Francisco (bass) emerged to give corporeal expression to their inner dialogue-monologue. Their vision is joined by Alberto (drums) and later on by Jorge (guitar). Thus begins a journey between the sacred and profane, in a fragmented mixture of hates, passions, eroticism, insanity, love and death, influenced by moments and reflections painted here and there with a symbolic fin de siècle palette and oriental reminiscences.

“Jádis et Naguère” appears as the first song acknowledged by the band underlining the heritage of old Goth Rock in the forthcoming fragments. In this context, the demo-tape, “Nadja Surround”, is edited in 2006, containing the first 4 original songs. In 2007 they launched the CD single (author’s limited edition) “Jádis et Naguère/Slow Lane” and at the same time an online newsletter is created, UnMasked, with a quaterly interval. UnMasked lives closely the band's life and demystifies all questions and at the same time broadcasts all the echoes resulting from the (rehearsal room) creations.

In 2008, and after Jorge left, Bal Onirique materialised in a profound manner its artistic conceptions and songs like “Samassana”, “Lovers Suicide” and “Perfume River” were born or even the version of “Falling” (original of Angelo Badalamenti) creating a perfect spectrum for the future realization of two unique and symbolic concerts designated as “Bal Onirique... ou o Outono do corpo” (“Bal Onirique… or the Body’s Autumn”) at Porto (Maus Hábitos) and Lisbon (Santiago Alquimista) in 2008 and 2009. These concerts had as a special guest David R (Phantom Vision and In Tempus) on guitar and keyboards.

At this time they record “Elixir Rubeus”, “Morrer... Dormir... Sonhar... Amar... Talvez...!!!” and “Lovers Suicide” at Divergências Studios (Quinta do Conde – Setúbal) with the production of David R which who also collaborates directly on the songs.

HEREAFTER... 2011 /2012

Currently Bal Onirique is a trio (since the band decided to free Alberto from the project):

P.A, vocals
David Reis, guitar and programming
Francisco, bass and programming

After successive avatars gained form as agents of an initial awakening, elevating and bringing connections of a fulfilled path of Durga archetypes which from the naked dance of the senses to the origin of opium-ether of the most archaic memories, the integrity of the abyssal body and lover until the prosaic manifestation of gestures transformed the Bal Onirique universe (once evoking interior and limited landscapes of an imaginary conscious) in a set of new songs charged with symbolism and ambiguity which Bal Onirique aim to present soon on tour with various invited artists and which will culminate with the long awaited album which followers and fans of the band have wanted.

This album will have a pre-presentation in the beginning of 2012 via a 7'' as a limited edition vinyl of 200 copies from the Old Tree publisher containing “Eixir Rubeus” and “Morrer... Dormir... Sonhar... Amar... Talvez...!!!” and a bonus CD with the additional song “Lovers Suicide”, this edition will be released in a collector's edition containing a T-shirt “incomplete draft in an incomplete body”, an autographed poster and a collection of 5 pins.

Meanwhile concerts will come...
Incomplete draft and an incomplete body

Official Discography:
2006 . tape “Nadja Surround”
2007 . cds 5’’ “Jádis et Naguère”
2012 . 7’’ “Elixir Rubeus / Morrer… Dormir… Sonhar… Amar… Talvez…!!!”

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