Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Upper Classes

Country of origin: Sweden
Year of creation: 2004
City/ Location: Östersund/Sollefteå
Official site: Reverbnation, Facebook

Jonas Magnusson - Vocals
Per Åhman - Guitar
Daniel Fjällström - Bass
Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography:
Playing with different bands since 1996, and sick and tired of it, Jonas Magnusson wanted to do something completely on his own. Hooking up with local producer Per Åhman in 2004, the new found duo started to work on an idea that Jonas had had, for a long time, making really good honest "goth" music, as he himself wanted to hear it. Not the cliché it had all become. The work went on fine and the first song "You're the one" saw the light of day, followed by "Man of god" (still Jonas' personal favourite). But in order to achieve world
domination, a live band was needed. The guitarist Anton Alsjfell, bassplayer Daniel Fjällström and background vocalist Petra Nylander entered the world of The Upper Classes and 3 gigs followed shortly. Jonas then effectively destroyed everything by moving from Sollefteå, a cold small town in northern Sweden, to an even colder town: Östersund, and a writer's block followed. And with the band not being able to rehearse, The Upper Classes was put on ice. It wasnt until the beginning of 2008 the melodies started to come back again. And with an unexpected growing fan base in Greece due to Myspace, some very nice words, a new found confidence and inspiration was sparked. The goth scene needs bands like The Upper Classes, it just hasnt realized it yet, probebly not the band either.

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