Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Country of origin: Denmark
Year of creation: 2007
City/ Location: Ribe / Strib, Denmark
Official site: Bandcamp, Facebook

Lars-Erik Hansen – programming, music, various instruments
Rasmus H. K. Welling – vocals, words/music, various instruments
Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography:
Subfinal formed in 2007 in the ruins of the long gone goth act Elizium. The duo spent the first couple of years exploring various musical directions with a dark perspective as the main common mark. Goth, spoken word, dark wave, ambient, industrial, neofolk and electronica were among the different styles touched in the demo tracks Subfinal released during this period. After a year’s pause from summer 2010 Subfinal took up their collaboration – this time much more focused and determined. This lead to their 2012 debut release “Passages”, where neofolk and dark wave is combined with spoken word and electronic soundscapes. The same year the band was also featured on the charity compilation “No Red Seas”. At the end of 2012 the duo presented the multimedia performance “Cadivius ..mens du falder..” at the Spoken Word Festival in Odense Denmark.

Subfinal sets out to make each song to be a symbiosis of music, lyrics and cover artwork or slides at performances. The duo has collaborated with visual artists from throughout Europe for making these visions come true. The result is a dark journey through life, time and raw reality. The lyrics deal with life and reality with focus on subjects like alienation and general cultural and political diseases of the western world. However nothing is as it seems or is said directly and every lyric requires an observant reader.

Official Discography:
“The Strangest Reason”, 2009
Featured in the short film “Outsiders”/”Fremmede” by Nis Closter / Jeanett Rostgaard.

“The Eternal”, 2012
Featured on the online compilation “No Red Seas”

“Passages”, 2012
EP, Subsistence Records

“Cadivus ..mens du falder..”, 2012
Stage performance and online album, Subsistence Records

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