Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Silent Scream

Country of origin: Finland
Year of creation: 2009
City/ Location: Helsinki
Members: Antti Lautala - Guitar, voc
Matthew Pallasoja - Bass, voc
Jukka Laine - Drums
Official Site: Facebook

Official biography:
Two tragic deaths within a year. Not the easiest start for a new finnish goth/post-punk band Silent Scream. The story goes back in 1996 when Antti Lautala and Henry Waldén formed a band called Varjo (a shadow in english). Varjo was influeced by gothic rock, post-punk and ambient but it differed from other gothic bands by the finnish lyrics. At the beginning of the 21st century Varjo was the most successful gothic band with finnish lyrics. After the third album there were changes in line-up but also a tragedy: ex-keyboard player disappeared and after a year and a half he was found dead. After those difficult times Varjo made new songs, supported New Model Army and was ready to record the fifth album. Two weeks before the recordings guitarist Henry Waldén died in a fire accident and that ended the story of Varjo. Four months after the funerals the trio recorded the last album "Viimeinen näytös" and it was released in January 2010 (Stupido Records). After the recordings Antti, Matthew and Jukka decided to continue with a new band name and new songs. It was also natural to change the language and write lyrics in english. Silent Scream will go further to the core of post-punk with influences like Killing Joke, Joy Division, Amebix and Southern Death Cult.The first Silent Scream album "In the Cinema" (Stupido Records) was released 2010. The band has played some gigs outside Finland (Berlin, Moscow, Tallinn). The second album "Public Execution" will be relaased November 16th 2012.

Official discography:
Cinema (2010)
Public Execution (2012)

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