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Love Like Blood

Country of origin:   Germany
Year of creation:  1988
City/ Location:   Geislingen/ Stuttgart, Germany
Official site: Facebook

Yorck Eysel - vocals
Gunnar Eysel - bass
Alexander Schaedler - guitars
Timo Deininger - guitars
Al Sauer - drums

Official Biography:
LOVE LIKE BLOOD. This is it...

“The Return of a Legend” announced already in the mid-nineties the band LOVE LIKE BLOOD and their album release at that time. More than a decade later, it stands again as the code of the cult band from Germany.

After more than twelve year absence from stages and an almost equally long period of silence, LOVE LIKE BLOOD catch up with long-awaited. In 2011, the band around Yorck Eysel and Gunnar Eysel says good-bye to their fans and the concert stages. Final moments of farewell, thankful notes for wonderful moments of the edgy times.

“I’m superhappy, that the whole band comes together again in 2011”, confirms Gunnar Eysel, bassist and initial member of the band. “It is a great challenge, connected with a lot of anticipation and memories”, continues Eysel, “I’m looking forward to rocking the stage again and partying with the fans throughout the days!”

"It gets very hard to justice to a restricted choice of songs for the set after so many years and releases. Therefore everyone should simply select all favorites via our online voting, in order to help us putting it together“, Yorck Eysel, singer of the band, emphasizes. Nowadays Yorck cares around distribution of other bands musical outputs at Germany’s leading metal label in his day to day business.

Already in the nineties, LOVE LIKE BLOOD stamped an entire music genre of Gothic-Rock/-Metal. Far beyond the domestic borders, the band owns still a remarkable reputation, which is based on hard work and a solid fan base. Even today LOVE LIKE BLOOD is not oriented to current schemes, but will celebrate a memorial farewell show in the original line-up since 1999.

“Over all the years, I was barely able to explain the status of LOVE LIKE BLOOD to the multiple requests from all over the world… Even today my paths are crossing LLB fans at various events,” says Gunnar Eysel, now owner of an IT company, and continues, “with that anniversary inquiry, it was spontaneously clear to everyone in the band: That is finally THE chance to catch up at last, for what we are committed to all our loyal fans for many years till up-to-date!”

LOVE LIKE BLOOD will say goodbye with an official farewell concert, including an exclusive live set and to thank the fans for their loyalty as part of the internationally famous Wave Gotik Treffens in Leipzig and its forthcoming twenties anniversary year. The remarkable, LOVE LIKE BLOOD already played in the WGT premiere year.

Updates and further information will be posted as they get confirmed.
Make sure to check the Facebook page regularly.
LINK http://www.facebook.com/LLBofficial

Official Discography 
Over twenty years of LOVE LIKE BLOOD history – a long time and also a time, that is of course documented by many releases.

1988 - MC  - Anthology of an Agony                            
1989 - MLP  - Sinister Dawn                                        
1990 - CD/ LP - Flags of Revolution                                  
1991 - MLP/ MCD - Ecstasy                                                      
1992 - CDS/ 12" - Kiss & Tell                                              
1992 - CD/ LP/ PD - An Irony of Fate                                        
1992 - CD - Ecstasy & Sinister Dawn (re-release)          
1992 - CD - Flags of Revolution“ (re-release)                
1992 - CDS - Demimondes                                          
1993 - CDS - Flood of Love                                          
1993 - CDS - Heroes                                                  
1993 - CDS - Stormy Visions                                        
1994 - Song/ Exklusiv - Free“ 5 Jahre Zillo Magazin                          
1994 - CD/ LP/ Limited - Odyssee                                                    
1995 - CD - Exposure                                                  
1997 - CD - Swordlilies - the decade of Love Like Blood
1997 - MCD - Taste Of Damocles                          
1998 - MCD - The Love Like Blood Anniversary E.P.    
1999 - CD - Snakekiller                                        
2000 - CDS - Love Kills                                        
2000 - CD/ Limited - Enslaved & Condemned                            
2001 - CD/ Limited - Chronology of a Love Affair                    
In addition countless Split-EPs, Compilations, Limited Vinyl-Editions, etc. are released.

Also worth knowing
The center parts of the band are the Eysel brothers: YORCK, the younger of the two, who is responsible for the typical LLB vocals and for most of the lyrics and GUNNAR, the bassist, who prefers by himself to stay rather more in the background.

LOVE LIKE BLOOD are pioneers in the genre by their album recordings of song classics with producers such as SIMON EFEMEY (Paradise Lost, Pantera, Amorphis, Helmet,...), PEE WEE COLEMAN (AC/DC, Echo & the Bunnymen, OMD, Gorefest, Napalm Death,...), ACHIM KÖHLER (Sonic Syndicate, Amon Amarth, Sinner,..) or PETER TÄGTGREN (Pain, Hypocrisy, Dimmu Borgir,…). The brothers Yorck & Gunnar Eysel always refused the so-called game with the industry and thereby maintained their credibility. Never missionary. Never hunting behind trends. Always visionary. Always with a dark touch connected with historical bonds to rock history. Always fighters for the fact, that their music is something special and is quite popular music. However in 1990, record companies still smiled at that music. Music with a dark and gloomy metal sound, atmospheric intensity with catchy hooks in combination with straight guitar work was considered as “old fashioned” at that time. But once the debut album release entered all the alternative charts, the smiles changed fast into incredible amazement. The rest is history.

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