Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Eternal Fall

Country of origin: Spain
Year of creation: 2000
City/ Location: Alicante
Official site:

- Sol (Vicente Ruben Mateu Quesada): Composer,Lirycs, vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and drums.

Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography: 
The Eternal Fall, formed in the beginning of 2000 in spain from Sol (guitar, vocals, keyboards, programming) and David Tenza (bass), has earned a lot of popularity in whole europe and glances with its high stage presence. The 2002 released debut album meanwhile became one of the band’s classics: gloomy, melancholic, smooth kept, but yet danceable with deep going melodies and lyrics. Especially fans of the conventional gothrock fell and will fall in love with The Eternal Fall.  After the first few albums David Tenza left the band and since then mastermind Sol is responsible for the project all alone. In the years 2008 and 2009 he was supported on concerts by Manuel Mas (guitar), after that by De-ath and since 2010 in addition by Miguel Palazón (bass). In the compositions it becomes clear, how varied the gloomy basal mood is performed - often very calm and melancholic, but often with a lot of electronical influences, the spektrum of the inner life gets packed atmospherical densely. 

The Eternal Fall had played in lot of concerts around Europe (Romania, Germany, France, England, Portugal, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Spain) sharing stage with well known bands like ASP, Faith and the Muse, Diary Of Dreams, Elusive, Garden Of Delight, , And One, The Invincible Spirit, Lahka Muza, Narsilion, Naughty Zombies, Nosferatu, Screaming Banshee Aircrew, Sieben, Unheilig, Vendemmian, Voices of Masada, Straftanz, The Cemetary Girlz , Pretentious moi? & much more.

Official Discography:
- The Eternal Fall. 2002
- The Sadness 2004
- The Path 2005
- To Darkness 2006
- The Ninth Sphere 2007
- A part dies 2008
- Alone 2009
- Emptiness Vol.1 2010
- Emptiness vol.2 2011
- The Eternal Fall MM-MMXII 2012 ("best of" compilation)

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