Monday, September 17, 2012

Darkness Visible

Country of origin:  Australia
Year of creation:  1994
City/ Location:  Melbourne
Official site: Facebook
Members: Paul Lees (guitar), David (Darvis) Black (Bass)

Official Biography:  
Darkness Visible has continued on and off since 1994 with various line ups. The very name "Darkness Visible" refers to the conclusions of the immortal Nehemia. Despite existing for many millennia, his spiritual journey has not brought enlightenment, Nirvana, Heaven or any other spiritual light. For him, it has merely rendered the darkness visible. The songs of Darkness Visible tell the story of Nehemia and his journey throughout the ages. From the Crusades to the burning at the stake of the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques De Molay, through the Inquisition and the formation of the Freemasons.These times are macabre - plague and pestilence ravage the lands, as a bloodthirsty church sends men on crusades to wipe out heathens abroad, while the Inquisition tortures confessions out of witches at home. Secret societies are formed to preserve the knowledges of the old ways and to save heretics from ghastly torture. Darkness Visible tell of these times in guitar based gothic/Deathrock music. With distorted power chords, spooky lead guitar riffs, Cathedral keyboard arpeggios, driving bass lines and pounding drums, they use a whole wealth of imagery to bring the story to life!

Official Discography: 
2011 Song: Darkness Visible - 2010  Album: The Worst Music Dracula Ever Heard (compilation) Label: Retro Virus Records
2010 - Song: Darkness Visible - 2008  Album: Infectious Unease Music Compilation (compilation)  Label: Dark Stereo
2009 - Song: Darkness Visible - 2008 (audio) + Flesh 2008 (video) Album: Crawling Tunes Magazine compilation - Label: Bob Media
2009 - Song: I Nehemia, Album: I Nehemia EP Label: Archon Records
2008 - Song: Darkness Visible 2008 + Flesh 2008, Album: Darkness Visible EP Label: Archon Records
1998 - Song: Forbidden Knowledge, Album: Dark Eyed and Starry They Were Vol 2 (compilation) Label: Heartland Records
1995 - Song: I Nehemia, Album: Dark Eyed and Starry They Were Vol 1 (compilation) Label: Heartland Records
1994 - Song: Darkness Visible, Album: Candles and Intrigue (compilation) Label: Left As In Sinister.

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