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Year of creation: 2007
City/ Location: Eskilstuna
Official site:
Members:  Stefan Eriksson and Micke Lönngren
Side projects:  Mercy INC. and Sister Electra
Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography:            

BROTHERHOOD was born on a dark winter night in November 2007. The mutual respect for artists like The Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division and Depeche Mode was the catalyst for Stefan Eriksson and Micke Lönngren to form BROTHERHOOD. Tired of the modern interpretations they decided to form a band that would stick to the roots of Goth; dark, deep, melancholic and epic soundscapes with chorus bass, sweeping synthesizers and melodic guitars in play. The gothic scene from the early 80´s has always been close in heart and mind for the members of BROTHERHOOD.

Stefan Eriksson, the multi instrumental musician, producer and technical wizard of BROTHERHOOD has been a member of bands like Sophia, Cardilax, MeM and recently Arcana, which he contributed to for over 10 years. Micke Lönngren, lead vocalist and producer, was a singer in bands in the early 90´s and eventually ended up in the music business as an A&R man at Diesel Music, the most hyped Swedish record label of the late 90’s. To see BROTHERHOOD perform live is an explosive experience. On stage the duo is extended with guitar player Martin Roos, former guitaristin Sweden’s no 1 rockband Kent and Johan Mörén, former member of 80’s Swedish postpunk heroes Memento Mori. BROTHERHOOD has toured in Sweden and Germany and will in early 2012 release their long anticipated debut album “Turn The Gold To Chrome”.

Official Discography:        
…Turn the Gold to Chrome… [Released March 1st 2012]

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