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Arts of Erebus

Country of origin: France and Germany
Year of creation: 2001
City/ Location: Stiring-Wendel (France)
Official site:
Members: Raven Burroughs: voice
                 Michel Meneguzzi: guitars
                 Tommy Steuer: bass
                 Stéphane Marchal: keyboards

Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography
After the split of the french avant-garde band YUUL in July 2001,the two guitarists Michel Meneguzzi, Régis Pernet and bassist Ghislain Winter decided to form a new band. The german vocalist Damien Grey joined the band in September 2001 and ARTS OF EREBUS were born!

The band got signed at SONORIUM records and they released their first album "Negative White" in June 2003.  Their work was appreciated by both press and public, a public they reached through several concerts across Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg and France. Two songs of "Negative White", "Children of the night" and "Heroes in the dark" attracted a great deal of attention and gained cult status. During this time Stéphane Marchal joined the band as live keyboarder. One year later he became a full member of the band. In summer 2005, Ghislain left the band, due to professional and familial duties. He was quickly replaced by German bassist Tommy Steuer.

The new line up worked hard on new stuff and one year later they entered the studio TS-MUSIX in Zweibrücken Germany in order to record their second album which is called "Icon in eyes". In October 2006 they decided to offer their fans a free download single called "Thousand Ways to Die". This single contained the title song "Thousand Ways to Die" and the 2006 version of their former club-hit "Children of the Night". There was also a videoclip included with this single, showing Arts of Erebus' live-performance of "Thousand Ways to Die" at the Batschkapp club (Frankfurt/Germany). "Icon in eyes" was released in April 2007. In the song "Zeit und Traum", which is a song in German amongst the english lyrics on this album, Rosendorn from the German Gothic band "Adversus" had a special appearance as a guest-vocalist. 

In 2008, Arts of Erebus recorded a cover version of "High Empress" from the legendary German Gothic Rock band "Garden of Delight", which appeared on the compilation "A tribute to GOD".

In March 2009 followed an EP based on the song "Dawn of the Dead" from "Icon in Eyes". Besides the single mix and the album-version, the EP offers two other versions of the title song: the "Aftermath version", which comes as an atmospheric down-tempo electronica track, and the "Dead Bodies Dancing Mix". This EP also contains new versions of already known Arts of Erebus tunes like "Heroes in the Dark", "Brotherhood of Sleep" and "Watching Demons", as well as an orchestral arrangement of "Zeit und Traum". "Pitch Black" is a previously unreleased instrumental track. "Dawn of the Dead" was an inspiration for the well-known German comic and video artist Tikwa ("Die Kleine Gruftschlampe", "Space Rat", "Night Angels" and other comics) to produce a video with ARTS OF EREBUS which is included on the EP as well.

Shortly after the release of this EP, AOE and vocalist Damien Grey separated in order to go oppositional ways in music.

After a long period of intensive research, AOE are proud to present their new singer RAVEN BURROUGHS! Raven's voice blends perfectly into the style of their new composed songs. During the composition of the new material, Régis unfortunately had to leave AOE due to professional reasons. The band, now reduced to four members, is currently in the studio of TS-MUSIX, recording their third album. The release via SONORIUM records is planned for 2012 and the band is looking forward to return on stage!Stay tuned for more info on: ,   or visit our MySpace:

Official Discography: 
  • Negative white (2003), 
  • Icon in eyes (2007), 
  • Dawn of the Dead EP, (2009)
  • On the Edge of Insanity EP (2012)
  • Parousia (2013)

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